Complex Style X Soul Rebel

sould rebel screensave.jpg

Spring has finally hit Berlin and in my search for a collaborating photographer for this blog, I had the pleasure to shoot with Philip Primus. Philip is a Berlin based visual story teller with the most calm and soothing personality. He is known to the WWW as "tainted lesnses". I had a great time shooting with him and I think we have found a great fit for the blog in him beaucse I feel he is a Soul Rebel just like the most of us. SoulRebel presents the duality of our human experience. We seek peace and unity just as much as we seek self expression and individuality. Both, I believe are true to our deepest soul or hearts desires and surly none of them are bad, however it seems as they cause us to stay in constant conflict with our own and others. It's complex -It's beautiful - just like this look :-)