My Story & Journey

My Story

I am Nana Amma Addison - Agyei. I am a 29 years old Ghanaian-German woman. I started deliberate personal development from the age of 18 when I realized that I will not be successful with formal education after my A-Levels. I had to learn to be confident with what I can do and build on that rather than feeling inadequate and crippled by the cards I had been dealt. At the time I was desperately trying to hide my dyslexia from teachers and students. In school teachers called me very intelligent but lazy. Very smart but too rebellious. 10 years later I know that this difficult time at school was the stepping stone to becoming who I am today. Why? Because what had been labelled as lazy and rebellious was me trying to solve a problem and finding an infrastructure and vehicle to facilitate that! I needed to find a way to understand myself, my behaviours and my intelligence in order to grow it in a way that doesn't need “formal education". So I tried a lot of jobs while in school and after my A-Levels, I continued that quest as a freelancer while studying 4 horrific semesters of Business Management and Theology at University. At the age of 23, I had enough trial and error experiences and decided to choose to build my career with a radical learning by doing approach.

I dropped out of University and started working full time as a freelancer in Project management, Event management and anything digital marketing/communication. Eventually, I Co-Founded my own company Addison Green and continued on that path which allowed me to travel around the world. I consider myself a poly-hyphenate or Jack of all trades. I am very ambitious, information-driven and keen for results. I like finding problems because I’ve spent a lot of time in my youth being treated and feeling like I was one. But more than finding problems I have great pleasure at solving them. Today I am the CoFounder of two Startups. My boutique brand consulting agency Addison Green and my tech Startup StyleIndi. I want to offer you my African-European (Afropean) perspective. This means the views of a woman, born in west Africa - raised by a single mom in a suburb of western Germany - with friends all over the globe, therefore travelling and experienced cultural diversity from a young age - being very “pro black” and very Christian at the same time - with a passion for tech, business and communication - working hard towards effecting real change for the future generations. It’s pretty complex, but it’s beautiful and even more beautiful when it’s shared, so hop on, join the journey and the conversation - broad and intimate...

With Love, grace and peace,

Nana Addison aka. ComplexNoir