Complex Music X Soulection Live in Berlin


My favorite way of enjoying music besides while I´m cooking is laying flat on my back on the floor of my living room, staring at my sealing, letting my thoughts wonder with the stories that are told by the narrator, who is filling my mind with visuals injected through my ears. Music is pure indulgence to me; joy pleasure and meditation. I enjoy and select it with care - just like food. It effects, influences and nurtures my mind, body and soul. Music to me is what I love to call “soundtrack to my life story” - knitted and connected to moments in my life, music will always take me back to the memory or the feeling I had in that moment. Music is very special, dear and spiritual craft of the arts. That is why I appreciate Soulection and what they offer to their listeners.

Soulection is the epitome of well curated music and diverse culture appreciation. I was introduced to Soulection during my time in New York. I saw them play at AfroPunk in Brooklyn with Xavier Ömar, who I love. After that Julio, one of the members who is also know as "The Hooligan" had a inspirational keynote event in Manhattan that I was invited to by another DJ homie from Berlin - San Gabriel. That's when I really grasped and fell in love with the entire vision and mission of these guys. I went straight to Julio after the gig gave him my card and we exchanged numbers. Soulection to me is a pure sonic pleasure, woven into a passionate community project - with patiently, organically build loyal growth, reach and spread. One major factor that stood out to me as well was how positive and encouraging their radioshow is. No gossip, No slander - just inspirational input, with honest and very personal interviews that all point to the same thing - music being in the center of it all. Honoring those that laid the foundation and elevating those to come. The big portion of “underground” artists and independent instrumentals (beats) is what makes it so plesurable to me. I just LOVE it. - its music I listen to and actively search for in my free time.

Soulection is celebrating their anniversary this year and therefore having a World tour. Berlin was one of their stops.

But before I tell you about the Berlin gig - here is their Story brought to you by Joe Key.


Interestingly about Soulection is that their community is reaching such a wide range of people that you can't even determine who their “target group” is. This was confirmed again as I learned that my friends Winnie who moved to Berlin from Denmark and Gabriela who was visiting from London, knew of Soulection as well and were so ready to go, when I suggested their gig for our Friday night soiree. Both of them are Afropeans from totally different walks of life and music preferences. Winnie is a more introverted, married, global health & nutrition expert, with a deep love for “old school hip hop” and Gabriela on the other hand a more outgoing, single, bubbly, always on the next flight - program manager, who knows all the latest tunes. As a Londoner she enjoys grime music, that has been getting so much attention outside of London lately. Well and me somewhere in between; a jolly, single, life pondering, life loving, complex, awkward creative entrepreneur - who grew up listening to Punk music and now has a deep love for 90´s rnb and Jazz. What a mix.



Arriving at the venue “Prince Charles” is when I really realized how much soulection blends music, culture, social and age groups. I saw and I bumped into people that I would never put together in the same spot to hang out - EVER. Yet all were enjoying music and good vibes - all having their moment of “oh that's my soooong ” at different stages of the night. I haven't danced, laughed, smiled and been smiled at this much at a “club party” in Berlin for a long time. I am happy that I could share this moment with my girls and we can add another soundtrack to a great memory of our individual life stories, instastories and snapchats too. ;-)

Like they say “love & music brings us all together” and that's exactly what Soulection reflects.

Here is their anniversary radio show for you to check out and Enjoy.

I listened to it while writing this review article for y'all- YES