Complex Guests X Rise UP


My perspective on life as a child of a German mother and a Ghanaian father, raised in the heart of the Ruhr area Germany? My blog "The Afro – Pean Vegan" is one of the many beautiful results of my unique experiences and I will tell you about my journey in the following lines.We, the Afro-German community are all most likely very much influenced by our Afro-American brothers and sisters in this global empowerment movement. Including me of course.

I assume that if you only, in the slightest way think like me, that in the past few years you have dealt with your own family history, the African history and what is going on in the global diaspora. You asked yourself, which position do we, the children of Africa take in this modern world system? And you most likely arrived at the conclusion that it doesn´t look to good for our people. You look around. Basically, it doesn´t only look like this for us but for everyone inhibiting this earth, humans, animals, plants and the whole ecosystem. This system we are living in, drained by old baggage, which most don’t seem to see through is about to be radically changed (here comes the core statement) and you ask yourself “Who am I” and “what can I do in the here in now” ?

You, just like me, have turned inside- Know Thy Self is the motto of the day! We have turned to the religions which we were born into, have turned to Egypt or Kemet, to the Bantu tribe, the Dogons, the old Mali Empire and so on. What are we searching for? Our Story, lost identity, Pride or should I say something we can collectively be proud of? What else? Spirituality. Tools which we can use to transform ourselves into the greatest version of who we can be. Hmmmm… that seems very familiar to me. Doesn´t this path ultimately lead to Self-love! Love, love for myself, love for you, love for everything that is.

Being connected to the most high if you want we can also call it God. And I ask you, can you follow me? Did you walk a similar path? If so… can I get a

ooooooohhh yeeeaahhhh!!!!????

I traveled this journey to myself and the most high and I found what I will give my life to in order to serve you. I bring you the message of healing because this is what I identified as what we most need and what I love to share. I put in many hours of thinking, research and have broken down the process up until the last component and there I found my answer. In order to invite healing into our life, within and without we have to transform our thinking and our everyday food. Yes I said it, this is the first and mostly unconscious act of a cascade that influences the

course of our life and ultimately creates everything we are. You are what you feed yourselves, on all levels of your being! If we eat tortured and dead animals, genetically modified fruits and vegetables, hybridized Grains which leads our body to rejection and mucus production, only the cheapest stuff, what does that tell us about our level of consciousness and us honoring creation and our own body temple? I ask you kindly to think about that.

If we want to rise, be showered with blessings and be carried through the energy of the cosmos we need to add ourselves back to the formula of nature and stop putting ourselves above creation. Just as all things on this earth are subject to the laws of nature so are we. So why not work in harmony with it instead of against it. As within so without. Discover your nature and work with it, as within so without.

Plant based- electric food is one step towards a life of health, energy and peace and The Afro-Pean Vegan (TAV) is taking you by the hand.

I am looking forward to our journey and I am here to serve you.