It's time for the Thinking Gym!


Like most people I go to the Gym and work out. First to lose weight, than to maintain that weight, than to release stress and hopefully one day out of pure pleasure. One day...

To lose weight, you must burn fat, to than build muscle. To do that you must consistently do specific exercises, for specific areas of your body to achieve specific results. And if you do that for a specific amount of time your body will build so called "muscle memory", which means your body can snap out of a lazy "off gym season" faster than before (that's usually Christmas time with me). Most gym coaches and videos will tell you that working out successfully is all about overcoming the mind first!

However most of us do not spent time in a "Thinking Gym" building mental muscle, or do you?


To do that we need to get rid of “thought fat” aka the toxic, negative things we believe about ourselves/others or the toxic thought patterns suggested by bad experiences we had. A lot of thought fat is also coming from social “junk food” we consume over and over again. The more we scroll & compare ourself with well curated and edited lives the more thought fat we get.

I am not pointing the finger here because I do it too. Spending a day in my brain would probably make you question my sanity, seriously. If I was not the queen of negetaive self talk, toxic thinking and hyper self criticism, then I definitely was the pricess at least. And the longer I did it the more I got used to it. I mean since I was a teenager I have collected 'thought fat' from everyone and everywhere. Family, friends, teachers, boyfriends, radio, tv, internet and myself. It became harder and harder to even consider complte positive thoughts about myself let alone others. And when you mix that with being a hyper sensitive, hyper ambitious emo-nerd that loves reading, knowledge and any information about life, work and world optimisation, you have a depressed - yet excellent at helping others - expert. That's not me anymore but that was me last year and for the past 26 years. So all this to say, I am NOT judging you. Not today at least.

Getting back to my Gym analogy, we should invest time and effort to build “thought muscle” where we think in the best case scenario, forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes and push through with a thought of hope even when something is hard. We should get to a place of thinking Cristal clear, lazer sharp, and precise in oder to act that way as-well. After all everything starts with a thought, and if that is the case, shouldn't we spent more time making sure that we have learned and understood how to think right and healthy?

Like anything worthwhile, building thought muscle takes time and discipline. You’ve gotta get reps and squats in through daily mental exercise like affirmations, devotion, meditation, prayer, reading, research or watching things that make us smarter + more in tune with ourselves and God.


And this is where most of us tunes out or give up before even starting because the thought of changing how we think in itself seems exhausting. Let me make it more vivied. The average person has 70K thoughts a day. More vidied? 70.000 thoughts a day. Oh you want the whole thing? Okay, the average person has about 3000 thoughts per hour or 50 per minute, a lil under one per second. Writing that down alone makes you wanna quit. But writing that down should also tell you that your brain, your mind is a dope machine, that can do incredible things if you learn how it works and get it under full control. You can either run it or you can be run by it. #MajorKeyAlert

Major key alert.jpg

Most of us will need a trainer to achieve our thought muscle goals, so the help of coach or counsellor is vital. Well I got one and HYPER MOTIVATION & AMBITION is my basline.Therefore if I benefit from having a coach helping me master my mind or better that thinking, I am sure ya'll probably could use one too, lest you are in denial and prideful - and this is where my judging self comes back into the picture.The moral of the story: Getting in shape physically is important but getting in shape mentally is just as important, if not even more. Think about it...