Complex Comfort X The Jumper

Jumper Pullover

A very essential part of my personal style are Jumpers aka. Pullovers. In my early to late teens in Essen, Germany I was a very competitive athlete in the field of track and gymnastics. We trained almost every day after school till to the early evening. My mom usually couldn't pick me up as she had to work, many migrant parents did, however my mom was smart enough to put me in a sports club, instead of leaving me to myself at home. (Thanks mom). Therefore, one of my (usually white) team-mates parents would drive me home after training. I remember how awesome the feeling was coming out of the locker ALL dressed the same way, wearing the same team logo, knowing we all trained together to reach a goal we can only accomplish focused and united. That's what Team tracksuits did for us back then and still remind us of today. Belonging to something great. Greater than yourself with you being an essential contributor to that greatness. Wearing the tracksuit of your team was the fliest and most affirming thing to me back then. People know who you are and that you belong to a team, plus it had its benefits in school. Trust me! With the years and the socially negative stigma to tracksuits being somehow a “criminal's gown” they lost their cool appeal. I remember how so many young teen boys and girls got stopped and frisk just cause they wore tracksuits and Nike airmax. It happened everywhere in Europe. Cousins and friends all over would tell stories of what happened after school. Germany wasn't that harsh in the approach, but oh boy I remember London. Being young wearing a tracksuit in London - or worse a hoddie tracksuit? You were done! Some were brave and did it anyway and today that whole drama has cooled down, well at least over here. I don't even want to get into what's happening in America with hoodie wearing black individuals. However, I think back I subconsciously let go of Track Suits based on the experiences of my friends. I continued buying Pullovers though. It's a sentiment to me I guess. I love the comfort and leisure style Jumpers bring. They just give a very cool and confident vibe. The ways of combinations are just as liberating and adaptable to your personal comfort as the Jumper itself. Whether you wear them oversized or fitted, with a skirt, Jeans or flared pants, they will always add a casual twist to your outfit. Mind you I wear Jumpers with high heels as well. Just throwing it out there. You can really pretty much combine it whatever way you feel, at least that's what I do. Try it!