you can’t hate your body OR Your LIFE, if you take care of it!

Image by Philipp Primus

Image by Philipp Primus


It all started after christmas…

I created this challenge in 2018 when I wanted to motivate myself to stay committed to a "30Day Abs & Squat challenge" after I gaining a lot of weight during Christmas season and feeling sorry for myself because of another breakup. Did you you that 9 times out of ten your body reveals where you re at in life and feel about yourself? My body exposes me EVERY SINGLE TIME I am going through some sh*t! I was fed up and wanted to change my body and while ad it change my life yet again… (I did this periodically you know lol).

I did not want to do it alone because I HATED working out (I actually still hate it). Why is doing a group challenge motivating? Well, if you are competing with (not against) other women you usually stick with the programme. And since a healthy competition always motivates me I just took it to my instagram and challenged any and every woman to go 30 Days with me.  So. I did the research and developed a program to get to a sustainable physical transformation. Transformation where I can see & feel results from the first day - for 30 Days - without killing myself. I started the challenge with a hand full of ladies beginning of 2018 and I repeated it multiple times that year and by now have done my 30DayChallage with over 100 women. In the first round I lost 8 Kg (approx. 17 lbs) and ‘gaind’ a awesome group of women. Some ladies actually became new friends in the group. With every new round more ladies join and now we have grown to a global community of women that did the holistic fitness challenges together with me “for fun”.






And it only got better…


Look at me now!

I am confident that the program and approach that I created works because I see the results on me and on all these women that decided to go on a new journey of choosing to rewire their mind, body and soul holistically. Being able to stay true to who they are, while they are transforming and not having to fake it or worse killing themselves with some boot camp and starvations.

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I have turned a #30DayChallange into a holistic #30DayVictory Online Program and that gets you RESULTS.


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Being honest with yourself and the people you are taking this #30DayVictory journey with is the only way to get real and lasting results and to also grow yourself physically and mentally. No need to fake it!
I want to know, embrace and empower the real you at whatever stage you are in right here, right now...

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Transforming your body has a greater deal to do with transforming your thinking, your habits and your dietary. My #30DayVictory program will touch each of these areas in a way that you can ease and grow into it. No crazy radical change or some form of hardcore rehab bootcamp.

I’m not about that life!

How does it work & What do you get?

It’s like a online course with a deadline, but much better!

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Daily Tailored Exercises

You will do a combination of specific full body exercises, that take no longer than 40min. Because I travel much for work and pleasure I created this program in a way that you do not need a Gym membership! You can do every workout session without ANY equipment from home, or hotel or park or at the Gym - whatever works for you.

Any fitness level and body size can do it. Beginners and Pros will get results!

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Expert Support

Since I am not a health or nutrition expert I tapped into my Network and you will get LIVE online group session with all the tips & tricks from real experts in interactive coaching session. You will also have a session with me on how to reach your goals effectively (cause that is my expertise) AND I might surprise you with one or two celebrities, cause my Network is popping!

Daily Curated Content

I care about high quality and making everything I do experience. Especially when I hate it, and I HATE working out. Therefore I took the time to curate motivational content, inspirational content and make a exclusive Spotify music playlist for every Day of your #30DayVictory journey.

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My Private #30DayVictory WhatsApp group serves as a motivation and accountability group. Here your can share your progress, your struggles, victories, tips and everything beyond with the ladies. The group has specific rules of conduct to not only to facilitate a positive atmosphere but also to protect us all from TMI ;-D